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Childhood Attachment Trauma

From infancy, we have been wired to connect with our parents and caregivers for a sense of trust and safety vital to growth and well-being. When those attachment bonds have been deeply ruptured (lack of adequate care and attention) this can lead to an enduring sense of brokenness, abandonment, and loneliness in adulthood.


What are some signs?

  • Challenging relationships with parents and caregivers

  • Feel like you've had to grow up fast

  • Loneliness and isolation

  • Low relationship satisfaction

  • Emotional dysregulation

  • Low sense-of-self

  • Critical self-talk


How can counselling help?

I can help you move towards healing and recovery from childhood attachment trauma by way of a secure and genuine relationship. Together we can put words to and process deeply felt emotions and experiences and bring curiosity to what lies beneath long-held patterns that may no longer be serving you. We will equally focus on all that is good and right in you that can lead to positive emotional experiences and offer transformative hope. Reach out to learn more.

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