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Anxiety is a common experience shared by many of us. In fact, some anxiety is necessary because it is our brain's natural reaction to real-life dangers. However, if you are feeling persistent feelings of dread, fear, and uneasiness in the absence of real danger, it may be worthwhile to seek support. 


What are some signs?

  • Frequent worry about the past, future, or everyday things

  • Feeling tense, nervous, or unable to relax

  • Fear of being negatively judged by others

  • Feeling light-headed, dizzy, racing heart, churning stomach

  • Avoiding uncomfortable situations


How can counselling help?

Together we will uncover the roots of your anxiety, develop self-awareness, regulate our nervous systems, focus on present-moment experiences, lean into emotion, and move toward accepting all that is in and out of your control. Freedom from the grips of anxiety is possible. Reach out to learn more.

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